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  • Market analysis of paper and timber products
  • Demand and supply study, competitive analysis
  • Discovery of potential market segments
  • Scenario analysis of market behavior
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Assistance and marketing support within investment projects implemetation

Project concept

 Development of concepts, feasibility studies and business-plans for investment projects, including:

  • Generation of business-ideas complying with budget and need of a Customer
  • Selection of technologies in partnership with equipment suppliers and scientific organizations
  • Negotiations with technology and equipment suppliers
  • Independent expertise of timber resources of a project
  • Budget estimate of an investment project
  • Development of preliminary plant lay-out
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Development of inquiry according to Government Decree 419 of the Russian Federation
  • Development of documentation according to requirements of financing organizations
  • Development of presentation materials and informational support of projects


  • Discovery of technological processes “bottlenecks” and provision of recommendations for their optimization
  • Comparison of technologies applied by the plant with equivalent production facilities and BAT
  • Unit costs benchmarking
  • Analysis of irrational loss of energy, appraisal of possibilities for enhancing energy use efficiency and main approaches to implement the possibilities
  • Analysis of work scope for operational repairs, major repairs, modernization, equipment maintenance
  • Analysis of environmental risks of an enterprise


  • Analysis of financial control system
  • Analysis of financial planning and budgeting system
  • Analysis of Customer’s business area and projects effectiveness
  • Analysis and calculation of a project financial models
  • Enterprise benchmarking
  • Assistance in fundraising

Optimization + Quick-Win

  • Effectiveness evaluation of process lines
  • Development of recommendations to improve efficiency
  • Development of quick-win projects program with budgets and effects appraisal


Unique row of R&D services for pulp-and-paper industry:

  • Development and optimization of techniques of plant roughage delignification and bleaching of pulp semi-products according to requirements of BAT
  • Modeling of technological processes of dissolving and fluff pulp production
  • Development of technologies of turning timber industry wastes into VAT-products

Other activities


Consulting department is an important branch in MAKORUS structure. The department experts offer consulting services from concept to audit

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EPCM - Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management. The strategic area of MAKORUS activities is project management as an EPCM-contractor. We provide EPCM-management services at all stages of project life cycle:

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Technologies delivery

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