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The main Global Biotechnology Development Directions


The main Global Biotechnology Development Directions

The main Global Biotechnology Development Directions

Pulp & Paper Industry has recently published an article, written by our colleague — Deputy General director in marketing and strategy Novikov S.F., about main Global Biotechnology development directions. 

Biotechnology is one of the key areas of innovative development of the global economy. The reason for this growth is enormous potential of biotechnology opportunities for solving global mankind problems:

  • public health services — biotechnology effectively works towards seeking remedies for the treatment of previously incurable diseases (cancer, AIDS) and advanced vaccines;
  • Ecological problem — biofuels use allows to reduce significantly the volumes of human impact on the environment;
  • the problem of natural resources depletion — biotechology uses renewable sources of raw materials;
  • comestibles problem — increase in agriculture productivity through protection of plants against harmful insects and weeds by using of biological substances and development of food crops with advanced  properties.

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