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Bringing ideas to life


We are to become one of the Russian economy growth drivers, supporting development of Russian industry and business, producing high-added value goods.

We are to focus our knowledge and skills, based on the best world practices, to change approach of projects and business management at industrial undertakings and provide our partners with higher efficiency and minimal risks at all projects stages from idea to life.

We are to become leading engineering and consulting company, providing advanced comprehensive solutions for its customers.


MAKORUS policy is to maintain high professional level of the Company and is based on quality management principles, stipulated by GOST R ISO 9000-2015:

1. We are client oriented company. We aim to find real goals of our Customers, foresee and effectively accomplish their direct and not evident requirements.
Our main clients are private investors and bank structures. Applying the best world practices, we aim to anticipate needs and requirements of all investment process participants, operating companies and end customers. Our state and social responsibility is expressed in aspiration to apply such organizational and technical solutions, which turn out in effective development of Russian industrial potential.

MAKORUS quality objectives are compatible with each other, and staff is always aware of the Customers tasks and expectations.

We continuously improve our operation in reliance on the Customers satisfaction monitoring.

2. Managers at all levels, being leaders of the quality control process, ensure the unity of the Company objectives and activity areas. Upon that they create conditions, allowing efficient employees collaboration, as well as achievement and even exceedence of quality values of the services provided.

3. Employees collaboration is aimed to achieve the Company goals and objectives and based on acknowledgment and recognition of employees knowledge and skills.
Continuous and easy communication with employees promotes understanding of importance of their individual contribution. Our company encourages a cooperation spirit and supports open discussion of work activities and exchange of knowledge and skills.

4. Process approach is the base of the Company activities management, expressed in harmonized system of interdependent processes.

5. We are aimed for improvement, which allows not only to maintain the current level and timely react on changes, related to internal and external conditions, but also to generate new possibilities.

6. We tend to make decisions, taking in account evidence, facts and data, analysis of which allows to improve their integrity and our confidence in their accuracy. Management of relations with suppliers and partners help to optimize results of mutual activities and let us contribute to higher chances of sustainable success. Choosing subcontractors we prefer ones, who share our values and policies.